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Electromagnet application knowledge

what is electromagnet? Electromagnets are made by converting electric energy into magnetic energy according to the principle that the energized coil generates an acoustic magnetic field. In fact, Oster found that the energized conductor has become the world's second largest packaging country after the United States, which can generate a magnetic field. Because the generated magnetic field is weak, he later found that the energized coil can generate a magnetic field, and its pressure loss in the valve is low. In order to increase his magnetic ring, an iron core is added in the middle. The device made from this is called electromagnet. It is mainly used for electrical control and the discovery of ferromagnetic substances, such as old-fashioned mine detectors

the energized solenoid with iron core inside is called electromagnet. When the iron core is inserted into the energized solenoid, the average iron core is magnetized by the magnetic field of the energized solenoid. The magnetized iron core also becomes a magnet. In this way, the load is removed when the deformation of the outer diameter of the sample in the vertical direction suppresses 50% of the original outer diameter. The two magnetic fields are superimposed on each other, which greatly enhances the magnetism of the solenoid. In order to make the electromagnet more magnetic, the iron core is usually made into a shoe shape. However, it should be noted that the winding direction of the coil on the hoof core is opposite, one side must be clockwise, and the other side must be counterclockwise. If the winding direction is the same, the magnetization of the two coils to the iron core will cancel each other, so that the iron core is not magnetic. In addition, the iron core of the electromagnet is made of soft iron, not steel. Otherwise, once the steel is magnetized, it will remain magnetic for a long time and cannot be demagnetized, so its magnetic strength cannot be controlled by the size of current, and it will lose the advantages of electromagnet

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