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Laser marking technology of plastic products (Part 2)

bottle cap

laser marking code this is the significance and value of discussion and debate. The system can mark the expiration date and production code of the product on the bottle cap and shirt pad. However, standard bottle cap materials (high density/low density polyethylene, polypropylene) are highly transparent to CO2 laser and nd:yag laser. Therefore, laser marking technology cannot be directly used at the same time. Laser sensitive additives are needed to color the material so that it can be marked by laser. According to the different kinds of additives added, the bottle cap may appear white or black. The method to realize high contrast coding: pre print the bottle cap, and then remove the color by laser according to the content of the coding information


the laser marking system can not only mark the information on the package indirectly through the label, sleeve or bottle cap, but also mark the code directly. For example, code directly on the tube. The laser treatment process is clean and dry, which can meet the most stringent health requirements of the drug production line. Automated, highly reliable and durable labeling can increase product security and control sales channels. The rubber hose can be laser marked directly on the conveyor belt of the loader. There will be no product leakage in crimping technology. The problem of "too large font" that may appear in the process of ordinary marking technology, such as inkjet marking, will not appear in the process of laser marking. Just in time manufacturing can reduce the inventory cost of pre printed patterns required by traditional production lines

blisters and bag packaging

lasers are increasingly being used to mark legal information on blisters and bags of tablets. The marking can be achieved by removing the pigment on the pre printed color aluminum foil or changing the color of the plastic film. There is no danger of damaging sensitive films (such as hot pressed films), and there is no problem of drying time (such as ink), and there is no expensive consumables and maintenance costs. The code speed of a single machine exceeds 1000 blisters/bags per minute

plastic containers

pe (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) plastic containers can be regularly etched by laser without changing the color code. Laser marking can be achieved by removing the pigment from the pre printed marking area, or by adding active additives sensitive to laser to the container raw materials. Depending on the type of additive and the type of laser used, the color of the code can be white or black

tablets, pills and capsules

laser code can be used not only for product packaging, but also for internal contents such as tablets, pills and capsules. These items can be quickly marked at the speed of the production line. The laser marking process is clean and dry, and will not make the drugs mutate. The marking code has durability and anti-counterfeiting. Attention should be paid to the fact that hands do not enter the tank, which is very important for drugs. The speed of laser marking of tablets, pills or capsules can reach 100000 pills per hour. Before or after the marking of each drug, an automatic reading device is generally used to check it, so as to prevent unqualified products with wrong codes

medical devices and equipment

laser marking code is not only applicable to drug packaging, but also applicable to medical devices and equipment. For example: hearing aids (plastic shell). Implants (metal heart pacemaker, pacemaker battery, stainless steel or ceramic hip and elbow implants). Surgical instruments (scalpel, scissors and forceps, etc.). Endoscope, catheter, defibrillator, syringe, etc. Control panel of (Electronic) medical instruments. Product information plate (manufacturer, model, number plate and application scope). Electronic devices or other devices installed in medical equipment

generally speaking, these products are expensive, small size, and often produced in small batches. Laser technology can just be used to code these products, which have discussed a lot of technical knowledge. Laser marking technology can mark different information on a single product or a small batch of products at a very fast speed, and can also mark a large batch of items quickly. All code information (such as manufacturer's label, designated national license, product certification mark, detailed user instructions, such as application scope, etc.) can be transferred from one product to the next without affecting the production process. The laser marking system can be easily integrated into manual or automatic mechanical devices and production lines. The entire medical equipment manufacturing industry is very concerned about the safety and reliability of products, and must implement extremely strict production control and detailed statistical analysis. The laser marking system and processing process are fully automated, and the inherent reliability of this marking technology can fully meet these requirements of the medical equipment manufacturing industry

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