Laser Raman spectroscopy gas analysis of the hotte

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Recently, the national major scientific instrument development project "research and application of laser Raman spectrum gas analyzer project" was officially launched in Wuhan. Fang Guoqiang, deputy inspector of the Provincial Department of science and technology, and relevant leaders and experts of the East Lake high tech Zone Science and technology innovation Bureau, project undertaking units, cooperation units, project supervision team attended the kick-off meeting

deputy inspector Fang Guoqiang pointed out that the national major scientific instrument and equipment development project is a major strategic decision of the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of Finance in the field of scientific instrument research and development, and an important measure to improve the self equipment level and independent innovation ability of China's instruments and equipment. The leading unit and cooperative unit of the project should stand at the height of national strategy, strengthen organization and management, and strengthen project quality management. Pay attention to the protection and utilization of intellectual property rights, standardize the use of state funds, strengthen cooperation, and work together to implement the project well, so as to contribute wisdom and strength to improve the quality and level of domestic scientific instruments

the R & D and application project of laser Raman spectrum gas analyzer is one of the major scientific instrument and equipment development projects approved by the Ministry of science and technology in two years, although the bellows ring stiffness experimental machine is no exception. The national special fund is 21.14 million yuan, which is undertaken by Wuhan Sifang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. as the leading unit. The cooperation units include Guangzhou Institute of energy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sinopec Beijing Institute of chemical industry, PetroChina Natural Gas Research Institute, Huazhong University of science and technology Chongqing University and other universities and scientific research institutions with strong strength in Raman gas analysis and application are typical projects combining production, learning, research and application. The launch and implementation of this project will provide five completely required analytical equipment for China's petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, environmental monitoring and other fields, which is of great significance to replace imports, expand and strengthen China's gas analysis instrument production, and speed up the upgrading of plastic granulator technology

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