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Recently, CAE analysis software address library

common CAE analysis software website and short comments

1. Common front and rear processors for structural analysis

hypermesh: among the special software for grid division (keeping the workbench and operation panel clean and tidy before and after), it is the boss

femap: a company with several people, its products are bundled and sold by major software (including msc/nastran), and it has an impressive performance. After returning to SDRC EDs

msc/patran: MSc meshing software, front and rear processors

2. mechanism analysis software


3. Design engineers use CAE analysis software

designspace, simple analysis software of ANSYS

visualnastran, simple analysis software of msc/nastran

cosmos/designstar:simple analysis software of cosmos/nastran

this kind of software only requires users to add boundary conditions and load conditions to geometric figures, and calculate and solve them after automatic meshing

4. Implicit linear and nonlinear structural analysis software

abaqus: the boss of implicit nonlinear structural analysis software

msc/marc. The former Marc was poorly managed and was merged by MSC. The pre and post processor Mentat of a good nonlinear structural analysis software may be replaced by Patran

ansys: it has a wide range of specialties and excels in coupling analysis

adina: the work of MIT professor the. Good nonlinear structural analysis software

msc/nastran, the leader of linear structural analysis software, is insufficient in its weak link with CAD. Fortunately, it will work closely with the I Industry Association and international regulators as the solver in CATIA like deas

i-deas: due to the cooperative relationship between Ford and SDRC, this software provides CAE analysis functions commonly used in the development of auto parts. Due to the direct link between FEM model and CAD, it is easy to modify the shape and then calculate

control system maintenance: Com/products/plm/ideas/tml

cosmos/works: an improved version of former cosmos/nastran

SAP2000: SAP5 at the University of California Berkley in the 1980s was changed to sap85 by professors at Peking University

caefem: FEM software written in c++ has the theory that small memory can be used for large-scale calculation


5. Explicit nonlinear structural analysis software

ls-dyna: (United States) has been in the spotlight in the analysis of impact, collision, blasting, stamping and forming processing in recent years. Its more than 100 material models can be used to calculate the analysis including human body

pam-crash: (France) PAM series impact crash analysis software is the same mother as LS-DYNA, and is also adopted by many automobile companies

radio: (France) large analysis software including structural impact, fluid CFD, noise, etc.

DYTRAN: impact and collision analysis software developed by MSC

flexible operation an2002/M

MADYMO: (Netherlands) software for vehicle collision analysis, good manikin

6. computational fluid dynamics analysis software (CFD)

star-cd: (UK) CFD analysis software for thermal fluid, 2-phase flow, chemical reaction, etc

pam-flow: (France) CFD software of PAM series

fluent: (United States)

scriu/tetra: (Japan) simple thermal fluid flow analysis software

flow3d: (United States)

fire, swift, fame: (Germany) CFD analysis software for AVL engine, combustion in cylinder, etc.

icem: fluid analysis software produced by the subsidiary of ANSYS

gridgen, Fieldview:

radio: (France) with fluid noise calculation module

cfdesign: (United States)

7. Sound analysis software

sysnoise: (Belgium) noise analysis software of LMS, which is adopted by major automobile companies

i-deas vibro acoustic: use the interface of I-DEAS, the noise analysis software of MTS company. There are modules of FEM and BEM

8. general optimization analysis software

isight: the most general optimization analysis software, which can be used for linear, nonlinear structural analysis, CFD, injection molding analysis, Moldflow and other optimization analysis

visualdoc: it is also a general optimization analysis software

msc/optishape: there are many software for structural optimization analysis. It is noteworthy that topology and shape optimization have begun to be applied in production design

9. health

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