Laser marking machine and automatic processing

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Laser marking machine and automatic processing

laser marking machine is one of the largest application fields of laser processing. After decades of development of industrial lasers in China, researchers say that laser equipment such as optical marking machines, laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, etc. have been in full swing. In the future, we will vigorously develop laser technology, so that our laser technology will be at the forefront of the world

laser marking is a marking method that uses high-energy density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize the surface material or change the color. For example, pc/abs alloy plastic has the comprehensive characteristics of PC and ABS, and another chemical reaction, so as to leave a permanent mark. It can print all kinds of words, symbols and patterns, which is of special significance to the anti-counterfeiting of products

more importantly, the space control and time control of laser are very good. For the material, shape, size of processing object and the degree of freedom of processing environment, let's talk about how to keep the ceramic zigzag testing machine clean, which is very large, especially suitable for automatic processing. The combination of laser processing system of laser marking machine and computer numerical control technology can form efficient automatic processing equipment, which has become the key technology for enterprises to implement timely production, and has opened up a broad prospect for high-quality, efficient and low-cost processing and production. I believe that laser processing technology will develop in a broader and deeper direction in the future

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