Last week, the market price of nylon products gene

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Last week, the market price of nylon silk products generally increased, and the sales volume was good.

for a week, the price of nylon was still strong supported by the high level of upstream chips. After the festival, affected by the sharp rise in the prices of caprolactam and nylon chips in the upstream, manufacturers generally increased their prices. DTY textured yarn has received good market response so far, and the high-end price is yuan/ton. After the price increase in the early stage, the lower reaches basically accepted the small textured POY. Most of the market transaction prices have followed up, and the demand remains good. At present, 86d/24f semi dull is relatively high, and the transaction is about yuan/ton. In the filament market, FDY actually performs generally, and the price of some full dull filaments has been improved after surface modification. 7 specific analysis should be made according to the exposed questions. 0d/24f transaction is about yuan/ton. Driven by raw materials, it is expected that the overall price of medium and high-end nylon POY will move up in the future. FDY factories began to limit production one after another. It remains to be seen whether the market is driven by this. The copolymerization performance and wax content of the catalyst are better than those of the imported catalyst Z501. The pre production safety level improvement plan of downstream weaving plants will gradually accept the increase of nylon filament price

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