Overview of Asian ink market in 2010

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Overview of Asian ink market in 2010

for ink manufacturers, the Asia Pacific region has brought them a lot of growth opportunities in the past year, because the region is the fastest recovering from the economic crisis

long before the outbreak of the global economic crisis, the Asia Pacific was the region with the fastest growth in the printing ink manufacturing industry, especially in China and India

the Asia Pacific region is the first region to recover from the economic recession, and it is also the largest ink manufacturing center. Among the top seven international ink manufacturers in the world, four enterprises have their headquarters in Japan (DIC company, Toyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Osaka Ink Co., Ltd. and Tokyo printing ink manufacturing Co., Ltd., which promote the transformation of traditional industries in the region of Hejin to high and new technology). Almost all internationally renowned ink manufacturers have branches in the region

for ink manufacturers, in addition to economic growth, the printing industry in these Asia Pacific countries began to recover slowly and reached the peak of sales after the economic crisis. According to an official from the international operation Department of Sakata Ink Co., Ltd., the Department was in trouble in the first quarter of 2009, but many ink manufacturers and printing enterprises have seen signs of business improvement since then. Since the second half of 2009, the business situation of Sakata ink has improved significantly, and has achieved strong growth in China and Vietnam

Yu Adachi, corporate communications director of Toyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said that the company has achieved growth in many fields. He said: the sales volume of all major products we launched for the Asian market declined in the first quarter, but with the growth of demand for offset and gravure inks, the best choice for interior insulation in China and Southeast Asia, our sales situation has improved significantly. In addition to the growth of China's demand for environment-friendly products, which has promoted the growth of sales of non toluene gravure printing ink, the urgent demand for food packaging ink in China and Southeast Asian countries has also created favorable conditions for us to explore the market

like the printing industry, the development of packaging ink in this region is much better than that of publishing ink

Koji Akamatsu of DIC said: apart from Japan, our business in Asia is on a par with that in the United States and Europe. Packaging inks grew rapidly, while new inks and publishing inks declined slightly. Looking at these three inks, the market demand is basically consistent with last year. The demand for these three inks in Japan has not changed much compared with last year, but has decreased slightly in quantity

akamatsu said that DIC had felt the recovery of Japanese economy in 2009

he said: the Japanese economy fell to the bottom between January and March 2009, and then began to rebound. At present, it has recovered to about 80% of that in 2007

in order to meet the growing demand of the Asian market, international ink manufacturers also began to look for opportunities to expand production capacity in the region. Expanding the factory is a good choice. Sakata ink plans to expand its ink manufacturing plants in Maoming, China and Indonesia this year

another way is to set up a joint venture factory. In October, 2009, DIC established a joint venture company named DIC graphic with greater Japan printing Co., Ltd. and achieved a double harvest of sales performance and customer satisfaction


the two most important countries in the Asia Pacific region are China and India. Mr. Akamatsu believes that the development prospect of India is better. Their national economy grew by 6.1 percentage points in 2009

he said: India is a market with great potential for DIC. India has a large population and rapid economic development. DIC has many branches in India and has established a good reputation

in addition, Toyo ink also paid more attention to the Indian market

Mr. Adachi said: Toyo ink will continue to develop its printing ink business overseas, including Europe, the United States and Asian countries. We regard the typical characteristics of polymer materials used in surface spinal devices in China, India and Southeast Asian countries as the most important market. We have actively cooperated with local enterprises and successfully expanded our own manufacturing and sales network. Through our joint efforts, Toyo ink established an offset printing ink factory and a joint venture in India in 2008, and began to sell gravure printing ink

A spokesman for Sakata ink said that India is not only a big ink consumer, but also a very important ink importer in the Middle East and Africa

key markets and development trends

when talking about the ink market segment, people probably think of packaging ink first. At present, Sakata ink has adjusted its business strategy for the packaging and printing industry, and has begun to implement it in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries

Mr. Akamatsu pointed out that packaging ink is the most important market in Asia, because it not only withstood the impact of the economic crisis, but also achieved sustainable growth. In addition, we are also very optimistic about the high-end publishing and ink market. Rdquo

in addition to the rapid growth in the packaging market, Toyo ink also hopes to make a difference in the UV and environmentally friendly ink and coating markets

the company hopes to see the excellent performance of UV ink in the emerging markets in Asia. In addition, with the enhancement of public awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of various laws and regulations, the demand for environmental protection products in Asian countries will also increase day by day. Through the hard work of the R & D department, Toyo ink will continue to innovate products for customers, so that they can improve the printing quality and reduce the impact on the environment at the same time

akamatsu pointed out that DIC also attaches great importance to environmental protection. They will develop vegetable oil-based ink and water-based gravure ink for customers

Sakata ink said 10 years ago that it would develop environment-friendly products, but now the cost is generally high because it has been able to provide customers in Asia with environment-friendly inks that have passed the ISO 14000 standard certification

looking forward to the future

with the growth momentum of the Asia Pacific region gradually surpassing that of Europe and the United States, the world's leading ink manufacturers have also begun to seek to expand their business scope in the region. Sakata ink, DIC and other companies are among the leaders

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