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On August 31, abs/ps market overview

abs market dynamics:

the ABS market price in Ningbo was basically stable, and the market inquiry atmosphere increased slightly, but the trading volume did not change significantly. The inventory of middlemen is not high, and the downstream demand is weak

Dongguan ABS market was slightly consolidated, the market inquiry atmosphere was general, and the transaction was flat. End users mostly take a wait-and-see attitude, and the market supply is not high

ps it is understood that the market dynamics:

in order to reflect the concept of classified policy implementation, Dongguan PS has a general market atmosphere. The offer is large, stable and small, with a small increase of 50 yuan/ton for some materials. The supply of goods is acceptable. The merchants are mainly on the sidelines, the negotiation atmosphere is light, and the transaction is weak. Downstream manufacturers purchase on demand and take it with them

Shunde PS market atmosphere is general. The raw materials rose slightly, and some businesses became more and more bullish. Some materials rose slightly, and there was insufficient buying. The transaction was weak in this utilization. The downstream manufacturers mainly take the products as they are used. The wait-and-see mood dominated the mainstream, waiting for the guidance of the good news next month

the offer in Shantou PS market is large, stable and small. At the end of the month, many merchants held money to wait and see. The market atmosphere was a little quiet. The company had used sunflower seed oil in its winter tires to improve performance and wear

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