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Many post-90s have their own real estate, and all kinds of decoration and household products are dazzling. So where should we start to decorate it after having their own house

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen

drifters in first tier cities

Where are you floating today

wandering in the Jianghu, there will always be many involuntarily

pay the rent to the landlord every month

the room will not be decorated casually as you like


hold back and don't lose

I believe that one day

you will have your own nest in a city

time is fast

many post-90s have their own real estate

all kinds of decoration and household products are dazzling

so where do you start to dress up after having your own house

today, Xiaobian will show you a way.

it's not easy to buy hundreds of thousands or even millions of houses.

first of all, we should buy security products for it - door lock

door lock is the first threshold to enter home life.

nowadays, smart home is becoming more and more popular

smart door lock has become the first choice of many new home users

for safety

smart lock is more reliable

traditional mechanical lock is a little "technology" In the eyes of criminals, smart locks not only have multiple unlocking methods such as fingerprints and passwords, but also have the functions of danger alarm and real-time remote monitoring, which have more security guarantees

Smart Life

smart lock is standard

smart phone, smart speaker Life is surrounded by intelligence everywhere. Intelligent lock is no longer a traditional concept lock, but a new generation lock integrating the Internet of things, electronic information technology and the Internet. Compared with traditional locks, smart locks have a little more interaction with people

smart locks are more suitable for

beautiful decoration style

today's decoration design style is also more and more diversified. Designers are open-minded and make many home products with rich functions and beautiful appearance. At this time, how can there be no simple and elegant smart door lock to match it? The fashionable and beautiful appearance of intelligent lock conforms to the aesthetics of most modern people, and its appearance can be said to be very good

no landlord's concerns

own house is your own decision

choose Samsung smart lock to improve life quality

also to make the carefully selected house safer

enjoy the fun of Smart Life ~

(source: official official account of Samsung smart lock)




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