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Suifu door and window tells you that the aluminum alloy folding door can play a role of blocking space through simple push-pull action. It has superior physical properties such as thermal insulation, moisture-proof, fire-retardant, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, and strong sealing

the aluminum alloy folding door moves horizontally by relying on the upper and lower rails. It is a door composed of aluminum alloy profiles, glass door leaves, transmission parts, rotating arm parts, transmission rods and orientation devices

aluminum alloy folding doors can be made into a variety of styles, with a shiny surface, a small proportion of frame and glass, and a large grid shape. It is modern and beautiful, which can improve the style of home

aluminum alloy folding doors have good corrosion resistance and moisture resistance, and are not easy to be eroded by oil smoke and water vapor, so Suifu doors and windows are recommended to be assembled in kitchens, balconies and other places

aluminum alloy folding door is light in weight and easy to use. When the door leaf is folded and moved to the side, the space will be expanded to the maximum; The space is flexible due to the folding door

the folding design of the aluminum alloy folding door skillfully opens and closes the door to facilitate the needs of different spaces. When the folding door is closed, the outdoor scenery can be extended to the interior; When opened, it can connect indoor and outdoor, which is conducive to ventilation

Suifu doors and windows are selected The aluminum alloy folding door uses space by folding and extending the door leaf, so as to improve the comfort of home life





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