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The refined decoration mode originated in Sweden in the 1960s, followed by developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan

data show that in 2017, the proportion of consumers willing to buy hardbound houses was 26.8%, up 15.9% from 10 years ago, and is expected to reach 39.5% in 2020. The increase in consumer willingness is conducive to the popularization of hardbound houses

Since 2016, the provincial, municipal and local governments in China have successively introduced fine decoration policies with precise scope and clear objectives. The 13th five year plan for the development of the construction industry clearly puts forward that by 2020, the area of newly started fully decorated finished residential buildings in China will reach 30%, pushing China's fine decoration construction into the outbreak period, and the popularization rate of fine decoration in all regions will accelerate

also in 2016, the Super Floor developed by Kenya group returned to the domestic market after selling overseas for many years, indicating the official opening of a new era of super health of Kenya home decoration materials

the trend of fine decoration is irresistible, and fine decoration pursues professional and high standards. For a long time, the formulation of healthy home decoration standards has become the unremitting pursuit of real estate developers. Ocean real estate, country garden and other high-quality partners of Kenya group have also introduced or proposed the standards of healthy living - Ocean Real Estate well "healthy building" standard, country garden "give you a five-star home" and so on

in 2018, Kenya group walked hand in hand with many partners and participated in the construction of many high-quality fine decoration projects. From now on, this platform will launch the "key customer case Exhibition" column, which will take you to appreciate the design beauty of high-quality engineering projects

Shanghai Zhongjun Tianyue project

sits in the hinterland of Shanghai sub center

Zhongjun Tianyue, located in Zhenru plate, one of the sub centers of Shanghai's four major cities, guards the west gate of Shanghai, sits on the resources of the inner and central ring, borders Jing'an in the East, Changning in the south, and dahongqiao hub in the west, and the main city is connected with each other to build a life circle

Zhongjun group ・ cultural concept

special construction - Zhongjun will continue to improve its professional ability, uphold a dedicated attitude and ingenuity spirit, and provide customers with high-quality products and services

project display

as a strategic partner of Zhongjun group supplier, Kenya has been committed to providing Zhongjun with high-quality products and services. Relying on the group's strong green industrial chain system and its own product quality and service improvement, Kenya provides professional and systematic solutions for Zhongjun's various projects based on a professional five-star paving team and guaranteed by professional construction management and after-sales services

the living room shows

the warmth of home is that it can give people a sense of security and comfort. The transparent living room and bright living environment make people instantly find the feeling of return. In a home with Kenyan floors, barefoot, don't worry about catching cold at this moment, and enjoy the relaxation of close contact with the ground

the living room shows

Kenya's customized oak solid wood composite floor for Zhongjun Tianyue project. The floor and the home environment reflect each other, showing a pure natural style

Shanghai Zhongjun Tianyue bird's eye view of the city

the real estate industry is the scene bearer and the most important scene builder of "healthy hardcover". Community planning, building construction and building materials are the major premise of "healthy hardcover", while the building materials industry is the raw material manufacturer and specific executor to realize healthy hardcover. The seamless connection between floor decoration and healthy home is "healthy hardcover" from community, building The final connection of home

as a leader in the building materials industry, Kenya will continue to take the concept of "healthy home" as a guide in 2019, take 0 formaldehyde super floor as an important link, work with more partners to create a harmonious, healthy and natural living environment, and jointly open a new era of super healthy home decoration materials

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